HT Scans converted for use in Opt64

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 5, 2019 06:23


As the end of MA4 and MA6 support nears, more and more HT clients will be making the conversion across to Optuma.

One of the most common requests is for their HT scans to be converted for use in Optuma. I have been keeping those that I’ve successfully converted, as they all use the same systems HT setup years ago. You can access the zip file containing the scan files here.

The client needs to extract the contents to:

My Documents - Optuma - Local - Searches - Scans

They can then open Optuma to access the pre-built scans. I will update the file with any new scans I convert as more HT people move across.

Some things to note:

  1. Between MA6 and MA7 HomeTrader requested some changes to the tools that use ATR. In MA6 they used our ATR calcs, in MA7 and on they were changed to use the Welles Wilder calcs. Before these changes could be communicated to HT clients HT went out of business, but they had verified they were happy with the changes (we were at the final stage of building descriptions for them all). Because of this change however the results between MA6 & Optuma will differ as nearly all of their tools use ATR in some from, especially tools like MA Angle. If they ask why, get them to open a MAA tool in MA6 and on the same chart in Opt64, the lines are almost the same, but there are some variations, it’s these variations that cause the scans to return different results. Most clients are fine once they understand the reason for the variation, however If they still aren’t convinced they can apply each tool used in the scan onto a chart in Opt64 and confirm that the scan is returning the correct results based off the underlying tool values.

  2. There was an issue with the RV() function, it was not enabled in the HT permissions, so some people could not get a few of the scans to work. This has been fixed, no update is needed they just need to download a new certificate.

  3. The old MA6 scanning window use to show results for all of the criteria in the scan. HT clients use to add additional criteria they would use to sort the scan results in, then only focus on the Top 5 - 6. Optuma doesn’t do this, but they can export the scan results to a Watchlist, then apply what ever scripts they want and sort by that. The benefit is the WL is linked to the scan, so if they save it to a workbook, every time they open it the scan re-runs automatically and updates with the latest results, pre-sorted.

If any more information about HT conversions becomes available I’ll add it to this internal kb.