Symbol Lists from CSV Files

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 22, 2023 11:25


The Symbol List Manager allows the import of security symbol lists from either CSV files, Bloomberg Portfolios, Excel spreadsheets or SQL databases. This list can then be used as a source to create anything in Optuma from Watchlists to Relative Rotation Graphs®, and can also be used for scans or system tests.

Automatic Optuma Symbol Lists are also available, which contain the constituent symbols of a number of global indices, including ASX200, FTSE100, DAX, MSCI Japan, NSE Nifty, S&P 500 and industry sectors, and the TSX Composite. These can be enabled as part of your data subscription.

To access the Symbol list Manager go to the File menu and select Open Symbol List, or click on the Symbol Lists tab on the Security Selection window.


Importing a CSV File

To import a CSV file as a security list click the New button then select CSV File.


The following dialogue box will display, you will need to navigate to the location of your CSV file.


Select the CSV file then click Open.

The Import CSV File will now display, from here you can nominate the List Name. For this example, the CSV file is for the ASX Top 200. If the CSV file includes a header line, i.e. a row with headings then the File has header line check box needs to be ticked.


The next step is to select the columns from the data file. The fields that can be mapped are the Symbol, Fund Weight and Benchmark Weight.

For this example only the Symbol field is relevant, so click the Symbol then left click on the actual column that includes the symbol information as per the following image.

After the columns have been set click the Add File button.


Note: If multiple matches are found for symbols in the CSV list, the first one found will be used by default unless the code has an exchange Suffix. The exchange suffix will be the exchanges short code (displayed on a charts title bar). For example, Wesfarmers on the ASX would use this suffix WES:ASX Where as MSFT would use this suffix MSFT:US.
The Top 200 list has now been added to the Symbol List Manager and is available for selection.


If you need to add or remove securities from the CSV list in the future left click the Open CSV button and the file will be automatically opened in Excel where you can make amendments.

Using the Symbol List

After you have created your Symbol List it can then be used to open charts from simple bar charts to the RRG and even Watchlists and Watchtiles.

Left-click on the list to select it then click Open List As… and select the desired chart style.

Open List As

The Lists that you create can also be selected as a data source for the Scanning Manager.


If you are using a Watchlist, Watchtiles or the RRG then these can be linked to an existing List that you have created.

If you are using a list that is created from a Bloomberg Portfolio for example then your Watchlist will be automatically updated with any changes that you make to your Bloomberg Portfolio.

Note: The workbook containing the chart needs to be reopened for the changes to take effect.

Deleting a Symbol List

If there is a list that you no longer require this can be removed from the Symbol List Manager. Roll your mouse over the list title that you wish to remove then click the red x that displays to delete the List.