How to use DebugView

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 21, 2021 01:30


Sometimes we just need to see what’s going on under the surface with Optuma. Optuma writes hundreds of lines to the Microsoft debug logger, and the way that we can view that is to use a program from Microsoft called DebugView. This accesses the internal log files that Optuma produces.

  1. Download the program from here :

  2. Open the zip file and copy DbgView.exe to a location on your PC. The desktop is a good location to find the file.

  3. Run DBgView.exe - it will start capturing the messages without you doing anything more.

  4. Start Optuma - there will be a lot of information added to the log.

  5. Once the issue occurs, go to the DebugViewer program and save the log by clicking the Save icon:


  1. This will create a .log file on your desktop which will hopefully tell us what is causing the issue. Please attach it to a support ticket, and we’ll investigate further.