Parent Scripting Function

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 18, 2017 12:11


The PARENT() function is similar to the Security() function but returns the core source of what ever tool it is added onto. (E.g. Apply a Show View on the Volume tool, the volume tools source will be the chart).

Scripting Example (Show View applied to a Volume tool)

// Parent() returns the chart data, as the chart data is the parent of the volume tool.  
Data1 = Parent();  
Close(Data1) > MA(Data1)**


Another Example in Scripting…

Apply a Moving Average on Volume tool, and apply a Show View on that Moving Average, the Parent() would return the volume values.

// Parent() returns the parent of the Moving Average which is the Volume tool  
// Security() can be used to directly access the chart data in this case  
Data1 = Parent();  
Data2 = Security();  
Close(Data1) > MA(Data1) and ATR(Data2) > 1**