Exporting Data from Optuma

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 8, 2024 09:31


Optuma can be setup to export End of Day data into the following formats:

  • Metastock

Once set up, these exported data sets will update automatically each day as new data is downloaded.


  1. Open Optuma and left-click the Data menu

  2. Select Exchanges

  3. Select the exchange you wish to export (ASX Shares, for example)

  4. Select Data Formats

  5. Select the file format you wish the data to be exported as by checking the corresponding box, eg Metastock

Exporting Data from Optuma 1

  1. In the window that displays, select your desired file path for the exported data, you can do this by clicking on the three dots within the Directory field.

Exporting Data from Optuma 2

  1. This will open a window titled Browse For Folder. Once you have set the Directory to where you want the data to be exported, left-click OK.

Note: You can also adjust the way in which the exported data is organised; by adjusting the Display Format field. You have 2 options, Alpha, which will sort the data in alphabetical folders, or GICS which will sort the data into folders such as Financials, Metals, and Mining, Energy etc.

  1. Once you are happy with the data type, file location, and display format option; left click the Rebuild Files option.

Optuma will automatically build the files for all existing data within the selected exchange. As the End of Day data from Optuma is updated daily, the exported data set will also automatically be updated. If you wish to stop the files from rebuilding simply uncheck the Data Formats check box.