New Support System F.A.Q.

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 4, 2017 23:33

**Q.** How does the new ticket system work? **A.** You complete the [ticket form here](, with the details of the question or issue you are encountering. When you submit the ticket, our existing database of articles is scanned for keywords in your ticket, and possible solutions or articles are displayed as suggestions. The ticket is also submitted to our support team who will review the details and respond (in the same manner they do now). **Q.** Where is live chat now? **A.** Live chat is located on the bottom right corner of the Optuma Support website. If no support members are available at the time, a ticket will need to lodged instead. **Q.** Why do I need to login to submit a ticket or post on the forum? **A.** The support system uses your Optuma username and password to login. This helps us keep track of your support requests, and acts as your ticket to sections like the new Optuma forum. If you cannot remember your username or password, you can retrieve them using the Forgot Login button here: <> **Q.** What if i do not have an Optuma Account? **A.** You can create an account by clicking the **New User** button [on this page]( and completing the online form. **Q.** What are the forum guidelines? **A.** If you chose to post on the Optuma forum it is expected that you: - Respect all members and their posts, including the privacy and personal information of others. - Act positively and encourage others. - Be helpful. Offer constructive criticism or voice a dissenting opinion, but don't be disrespectful. - Stay on topic, the central theme should be Optuma, there are many other forums online that can be used for other discussions. Moderators ensure the Forums are a welcoming place for all. Moderators may take certain actions to keep the Forums organized and helpful for everyone. Actions taken by moderators are not up for public discussion. We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content. Please keep in mind that the Forums are a public space, and that your posts are permanent. Every member is responsible for what they post in the Forums. We don't hide content by request. If you have a question or concern about a Moderator action, please contact the support team. **Q.** Can I send an email to Support? **A.** No, emails have been replaced with Tickets. This has been done for a few reasons: - Tickets automatically search our existing articles and provide possible solutions immediately. You may find the answer you're looking for right away. This cannot be done with email. - The majority of feedback we receive from clients is positive. However the most common item of negative feedback we receive is from people that have not received our reply (as an email), usually due to SPAM filters. Email is becoming more unreliable for important communication, and by moving to a ticketing system we can ensure these types of delays no longer occur.
**Q.** So I won't be receiving emails from Optuma anymore? **A.** You will still receive email notifications when a ticket has been submitted, or responded to. We'll also send you emails for Invoices and other general notices as well. **Q.** Why can I no longer call support directly? **A.** For many years now we have worked on a system where clients calling us need to leave a message and our support team would call back. On reviewing this system we realised the information being left in these messages would be better communicated via the ticket system. Our commitment is to continue to be as responsive as we were under the older support system, in fact we believe some issues may be handled even faster than before, with suggested solutions being recommended automatically when tickets are submitted. **Q.** What times will phone support be available? **A.** Our office hours across Australia and the USA are not changing. Tickets requiring phone support will be responded to Monday to Friday during the following times: > **Australia (AEST)** > Session 1 8.00am to 3.30pm > Session 2 11.00pm to 6.30am > > > **USA (EST)** > Session 1 8.00am to 3.30pm > Session 2 5.00pm to 12.30am **Q.** Why do I need to send a detailed description in the ticket if all I want is a call? **A.** Detailed information provided in a ticket will help the support team prepare before they contact you. With the right information you may find they have a solution ready to go from the moment they call. It is also possible that when you submit the ticket one of the articles suggested automatically will have everything you need to resolve the issue, or answer your question immediately. **Q.** I don't like this new system, I want the old one back! **A.** It's understandable with all the changes we're making that there will be some concerns and hesitation. We have been working on this new system now for many months, and our primary goal has been to ensure we are providing the best possible support we can for all our clients. We truly believe this new system will assist in getting you the answers and information you need faster. As with all new systems we'll be tweaking items here and there, and we welcome any feedback you have (as long as you've given the new system a fair go