What’s New in Optuma 2.3

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jun 13, 2024 09:56


This is the change log for Optuma 2.3. This page is currently under construction and will be updated during the beta testing phase.

New Features

  • New Tool: Reverse RSI
  • New Tool: Stochastic RSI
  • New Action Bar Icon: Save Image to Clipboard. The icon looks like a camera and has two modes: left-clicking the icon will copy the selected chart to your clipboard, and right-clicking the icon will copy the entire page to your clipboard.

Save Image

  • A new AI Chat menu button has been added to open Optuma’s AI-powered chatbot, and a link has been added to the Help menu. Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner below to try it out.


  • Overlay Spread - the line created will include a reference to the underlying symbol in the hint window.
  • Depth added to Kraken intraday cryptocurrency charts.
  • Renaming a custom breadth symbol to something that already exists will automatically adjust the name to Name(1).
  • Fibonacci Retracements - The Start and End text labels have been adjusted so that the price values are in vertical alignment with the level labels.
  • Default currency is now excluded from a Page Layout.
  • The IB Order Manager has been removed temporarily as IB have changed their API systems. The option will be readded once the work to support their new method has been completed.

Bug Fixes

  • A watchlist linked to a Symbol List can get stuck on a specific selection, even when other lists are chosen.
  • VAP and Market Profile tools missing hints
  • Fixed an issue where Trading Day Intervals and Calendar Day Intervals containing a decimal point may not always line up with whole number intervals.
  • Correlation Grid that is not linked to a symbol list will not update to the latest data date automatically.
  • Removed duplicate entry for Percent in the Chart Header Field Type property.
  • When minor date lines are unticked from view, the lines re-appear after changing the chart and going back to the original code.
  • Oliver Wedge tool applied to newly opened swing charts would not display results.
  • Changing the time frame on a chart with a Breadth Data tool applied can reset the breadth code if it was changed to something other than the default selection.
  • Excel sourced External Data Fields are not being included in a Command Line publish if Optuma is closed.
  • RRGs using custom codes would show the Index Date alert incorrectly.
  • Resolved issue with live daily Range chart building new bars.
  • Cloning a page or chart with certain Pascal coded tools could cause an error.
  • Square of 9 defaults: direction selection shows Down when saved as Up.
  • Planetary Signs Export Values to CSV: removed labels that were reversed in order.


  • MATCHFUNFIELD() has a new property called Match Type. You can select between Exact and Contains. Exact requires the value to match the inputted information exactly. Contains requires only that value to be part of the field (for example Energy would return the NonEnergyMinerals and EnergyMinerals sectors as a positive result).
  • ACC() accumulation function updated to prevent the LookBack Range showing when LookBack is set to All Time.
  • DataField() function now has a Multiplier option.
  • FACTOR() function shows the chart’s past adjustment factors caused by previous share splits / consolidations, etc.

Astro Items

  • Ephemeris Chart now supports Start Date and End Dates before 1900.
  • Gann Planetary Lines now supports Planetary Averages of 3+ planets.
  • GPLs now display correctly when multiple custom angles were inputted and reloaded from a workbook.