Optuma Not Working on a Dell Alienware System

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: May 10, 2017 03:15


14th January 2015


After installing Optuma on the Dell Alienware system it fails to run correctly, resulting in problems such as the following:

  • Random Crashing
  • Graphics Distortions
  • Sluggish Response
  • Inability to select charts or tools
  • When Optuma starts only an error is displayed, or sometimes nothing is displayed at all

Sometimes even running the Optuma test program only produces an error.


If this is occurring the most likely cause is an outdated display driver, so in the majority of cases updating the display driver will resolve the issue.

Also, the Alienware system will include dual or switchable graphics adapters. There will be the standard Intel HD adapter but then also a more powerful dedicated Nvidia or ATI display card. As such it is advised to adjust the settings in the Dell system to use the more powerful dedicated display card.

The following forum relating to switchable graphics on the Alienware system should help in adjusting this setting:

If you encounter problems making this adjustment to your Dell system you can access the Dell knowledge base or contact Dell support for further assistance.