Lifetime Trader Services Subscription FAQ

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 14, 2023 08:23


This article will cover the most frequently asked questions about a Lifetime Trader Services subscription (2023).

Q. What is included?


  • Lifetime access to Optuma and Trader Services with all the features and modules (e.g. Seasonality and RRG Lite) that are normally included with Trader Services subscriptions.
  • Lifetime access to all upgrades and updates.
  • Lifetime access to 5 End of Day Data Services, as well as a bonus 5 selections (10 in total).
  • Retain access to any existing tool addons you have.

Q. Are there any exclusions?


  • This offer does not include data that costs us a monthly fee. E.g. exchange fees (etc.) You will need to pay for them, as you do now. CBOE is an example of an excluded exchange as there are exchange fees involved.
  • All tool add-ons not a part of Trader Services must be purchased separately.
  • Your lifetime subscription is non-transferable and for individual use only.
  • Data is for your personal use only and may not be redistributed (just as it may not be with the package you have now).
  • This offer is available only to private traders who are managing their own investments.
  • This offer is for the purchase of a lifetime Trader Services subscription. It does not convey or include any interest or shares in any of the Optuma group of companies or in Optuma’s intellectual property.
  • There will be no refunds available for this special offer.

Q: I have an existing subscription, will I receive a discount?

A. No, if you have an existing Trader Services subscription, you will not receive a discount on the lifetime subscription. The lifetime subscription offer is a standalone offer, no credits or discounts will be provided for any reason.

Q: Isn’t this crowd funding?

A: Yes it is. After 26 years building these products I have a very clear idea of what we need to build to gain a much wider market appeal. I also want to make sure that Optuma is positioned for the next inevitable crazy bull market. Traditional forms of capital raising would mean the demise of the company if I am wrong. By releasing a limited number of these subscriptions, we can fund the development without jeopardizing the long term viability of the company.

Q: What if Optuma is bought out?

A: At this stage it’s not our intention to sell. Of course in these days of crazy IT valuations, it’s possible someone offers a number that we can’t ignore. If that event did occur, the honouring of these subscriptions will be part of any negotiation.

Q: What happens if Optuma goes bankrupt?

A: For 26+ years we’ve run the company only on its cashflow. We have no corporate debt facilities. If cashflow dries up, we trim expenses.

Q: Do I have to pay Exchange Fees (mentioned in the exclusions list) on the data I get as part of this Lifetime offer?

A: No, the majority of our standard data selections have no monthly exchange fees. This is a clause to let you know if we ever get data in the future that has a fee associated with it (the way CBOE does now), and you want to add it, we are going to have to pass on that fee to you.

Q: Do I have to be on the latest Optuma 64 bit version?

A: No. While we feel strongly that the improvements and features available in the latest version of Optuma are well worth the time it takes to transition across, You could be using MA4, MA6 or MA7 and this is still a great saving as all the data will be at your finger-tips for life. There comes a time when a product is too old and our staff are no longer able to support it. The latest version always has our latest tools and modules designed to help you. An active Trader Services subscription (and of course this Lifetime Trader Services subscription) gives you free upgrades too.

Q. I’ve seen mention of a web version in development, will I be forced to move to a web-based version?

A: No, not at all. We see this is a great option if you want to work on multiple PCs and eventually be able to work on tablets. It also gives us an option for a “low-end” product that will have wider appeal with people who want to get started in technical analysis. The Optuma desktop application will continue to be developed and supported for many years to come. No change will be forced on you.

I always believed we could make a really great web application but it will never be quite as powerful as our current Windows application . for now! The ideal scenario is the ability to use both. You will be able to do your analysis on your desktop, but when you are on the road you can look at your phone or tablet and flick through YOUR charts which are updating with data, or even look at a new security with YOUR favorite layout.

Q: Can I take this offer up next time?

A: There are no plans to offer a discount like this again in the future (2018 was the last time Lifetime Services was available for purchase). We do need to balance out raising funds at the expense of our yearly cashflow to cover all of our overheads. Once the dashboards are released and we see an increase in our institutional uptake, we may completely remove the lifetime option from our site.