View Tools - Editing Titles

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 2, 2020 06:22

View tools (eg RSI, Volume) appear below the price chart in their own panel. By default, the name of the tool being used will display in the title, eg 10/3 Double Stochastic:

However, if you wish to change this you can do so via the Tool Name option in the Properties of the tool, or by renaming the layer in the Structure Panel:

TIP: If you don’t wish to display any title for this indicator just enter a space. To disable all view titles on all charts click on Settings > Workspace > Charts > View Titles and set to Hidden.

Custom Titles with Tool Property Variables

Here’s an example of 2 moving averages on volume:

If you want to rename them to 22SMA and 66SMA you could hardcode the tool names as per the example above, but if you then decide to change the tool properties you would need to change the name as well (or you might even forget, so the title would be wrong).

To avoid this you can include the tool variable in the name which will automatically update the title if the tool is changed. By using [BARS]SMA (rather than 22SMA) in the Tool Name we can set it to display as follows:

Here’s an example using tools with more than one input variable, such as the Double Stochastic: [BAR1]/[BAR2] Stoch

To know which variables to use (eg BARS, BAR1, etc) see the scripting properties of the corresponding tool in the Script Editor window. Changing the STOCH() function to 11 %K and 4 %D adds BAR1 and BAR2 to the function: