What’s New in Market Analyst 8

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 2, 2019 18:37


We never stand still. We’re continuously updating and improving every aspect of Market Analyst. Market Analyst 8 includes over 180 separate fixes, enhancements, and additions. It represents one of the most feature-rich updates we have ever released - and that was before we got the designers in and gave MA8 a brand new modern “skin”. With all updates, we aim to give you new features but not force any changes on you. You can take advantage of the new work or continue to use Market Analyst in the same way that you have always done. During the Setup processing, all your MA7 work will be copied to MA8 so that you can run both in tandem.

Click Here for Installation Instructions.

New Features

New Tools

Updated/Modified Tools

Astronomical (requires Astronomical tool group)

Professional Services

  • Earnings
  • Net Asset Value
  • Sector Data
  • Active Weight
  • Fundweight
  • Weight
  • Support for fractional currencies (GBp vs GBP - Pence vs Pound)
  • Added default Domestic & International Indices for RIC tool.
  • Currency Lock
  • Update multi-code charts from grouped watchlist (this is when you click on a group header, all multi-code charts such as RRG or column charts update with the members of the group. If there is a file associated with the group, eg an S&P Sector, then single code charts are updated with that).

New Scripting Functions

The following functions have been added and updated. For more detailed information and examples, click here .

  • DU() and DD() - Days Up and Days Down
  • BarsTrue()
  • TimeSinceSignal()
  • PriceAtSignal() and ValueWhen()
  • PVAL(): now able to return angles in Degrees and Radians
  • Pivot() labels
  • JDKRS(): New plot options for RRGs
  • Change()