Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 31, 2023 13:08


The Workspace menu allows you to adjust and control the parameters for the Charts, General Settings, Prompts, Timers, and Visual in Optuma.

Workspace 1

The Workspace menu is accessed from the Settings menu.


Workspace 3
Auto-display IM charts: For clients with a Professional Services Subscription, the Optuma Chart Messaging system is available for the collaboration of analysis.
*Note: When the Auto-display IM charts is enabled, any charts sent via the Chart Messaging system will be automatically displayed.*
Ignore Windows DPI Settings: If your Optuma menu buttons are really small (this can sometimes occur on high-resolution displays), use this setting to ignore the Windows DPI Settings. This setting requires Optuma to restart in order to activate.
Login Automatically: Check this box for Optuma to automatically log in when started.


This video is pulled from the Optuma 101 course that you can access here. This course takes you through the basics of Optuma and helps you get up and running and using Optuma to its full potential. This video goes over how to make the most of the flexibility that Optuma provides through the Settings menu as Darren Hawkins, MSTA, takes us through the Autosave, Backup, Shortcut, Colours and Workspace settings in Optuma.