How can I transfer my existing workbooks, settings, layouts, scans, scripts, etc to a new computer?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 6, 2023 12:23


There are three methods to transfer your existing workbooks, scripts, layouts, scans, etc to a new computer: via backup, file transfer, or using the cloud (use this option if you use OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox). To copy custom datasets see the note at the bottom.

1. Via Backup

The easiest way to transfer these files is to plug a USB key into your computer and then in Optuma click on Settings > Backup Settings.


Search for your USB key (three dots) and then select Backup Now.


On the new PC, install Optuma by saving and running the setup file from the My Account > Subscriptions page ( which will also get the historical data from our servers when you first log in to the program.

Once that is done, go into Settings > Backup Settings on the new PC and again locate your USB. Then you will see the single backup in the list box on the form. Highlight the date and then click Restore Selected Backup.


All of your files should now be transferred to your new computer.

2. Via File Transfer

As your workbooks and settings (including remembered login details) are located on each computer you can copy them to a USB stick and transfer them between computers.

With Optuma closed on both machines, copy the Optuma folder from the Documents folder onto your USB.

Transfer 4

Now copy the Optuma folder from the USB to the Documents folder on your second computer (replacing the one already there).

When you restart Optuma your existing workbooks and settings will be available on the second computer (once the historical data has been downloaded).


3. Via Cloud Sharing (eg OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive)

Your current system may already be set up to use the cloud to automatically save your files (Windows now has OneDrive integrated by deafult). Not only does this provide a secure location should your computer fail, but it’s also a great way to access your work from multiple computers without having to manually transfer the files. Log in to your cloud provider on the new computer and then log in to Optuma and change the default file locations to the cloud. To change the same cloud location used by your existing computer click here.

Copying Custom Data Exchanges and Price Units Overrides

The backup process listed above will transfer all user saved work across to the new system, however this will not include the following:

  • Custom Exchanges (CSV, Metastock, Intra-day providers)
  • Custom Exchange Data Cache for realtime data providers
  • Chart Default Price Unit overrides

In circumstances where you wish to copy these items from an old PC to a new PC you will need to manually copy the following items:

  • Custom Exchange: C:\ProgramData\Optuma\Data\ Copy any files named Custom*.* (eg Custom1.idx and Custom1.xml)
  • Custom Data Cache: C:\ProgramData\Optuma\Data Copy any sub-folder that ends in _C (eg Bloomberg_C)
  • Price Unit Overrides: C:\ProgramData\Optuma\Data\priceunit.ini


The ProgramData folder in Windows can be hidden. For information on how to locate it click here.

When copying Custom Exchanges, if the source for the codes is Metastock or CSV data those files need to be copied from the old system to the new system in identical folder locations. Any variation in the path will cause the codes to not work on the new PC. If you are unable to use the exact same folder path you will need to re-import the codes into Optuma using the process outlined in the applicable article here.