File Location Settings

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jul 25, 2023 11:25


Optuma provides the ability to change the location of your settings, workbooks, scans, data files, and backups.


The File Location Settings window is accessible from the Settings menu.


Adjusting the File Location Settings

The following are the Optuma File Locations that can be adjusted.

  • Optuma Documents: The document files are unique to each client, and include workbooks, custom tool settings, scanning and back testing files, templates, alerts and remembered logins.
  • Data Directory: The location of the raw end-of-day and intraday data files used to create charts (DO NOT MOVE TO A CLOUD LOCATION).
  • Config Directory: Where important software configuration files are stored.
  • Publish Location: This is the folder where all the published and printed files are stored.
  • Save Locations: This folder is for workbooks only, if you want to save your workbooks (and not all other Optuma settings and files, such as scans) in a different folder then this is where you can make the adjustment.
  • Add Save Location: This allows additional alternate folder locations to be added for your workbooks. You can then change which folder is used as the default location.

To adjust a folder location, left click on the button located to the right of the window.

File Location 3

This will then display a window with the available directories on your system to select from. Select the desired folder location, then left-click on OK.

File Location 4

This will close the folder selection window. Next, left-click Apply to apply the folder location change, then left-click Close.

File Location 5

Using Optuma with the Cloud

At its simplest, the “cloud” is a term used to describe internet-based services, with online file storage being one of the most popular (most new computers use OneDrive by default, so all the files in the Documents directory - including your Optuma files - are saved there automatically). By using such a service it is possible to keep all of your personal Optuma files (such as workbooks, settings, custom tools, templates, and scanning files) in the cloud, thus making them safe if your hard drive fails.

For more information on how this new technology can safe-guard your Optuma files, please click here.