Can I have Optuma installed on more than one computer?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 12, 2020 21:02

Yes, you can have Optuma installed on multiple computer systems, but can only be logged into one session of Optuma at any one time. If you are already logged in to Optuma on one computer and log in on another then you will be prompted to cancel or proceed. If you proceed then Optuma will automatically log you out of the other session.

To download onto another computer please log in to your account page with your current Optuma username and password. Under the Subscription section, click the Download button to save the setup file. Once saved, double-click and run the file - usually saved to the Downloads folder - to complete the installation and log in to the software.


Transferring your work from another computer

To learn how to transfer your existing workbooks, settings, scripts, scans, etc from your old computer click here.

If you use Optuma on more than one computer it is possible to share your work between them by using an online drive, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. This will allow all of your Optuma files (including workbooks, settings, templates, and scans) to be automatically available on all your computers without having to manually move them.

To learn how to set this up this, please click here.