Do you have GICs sector and industry data?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Mar 16, 2021 02:22

We do not have GICs level data for individual stocks (unless you are an Enterprise Services client with a Bloomberg datafeed).

However, we do have four levels of GICs indices available with the US Indices data. Each level is a sub-set of the previous, and are available for S&P500, S&P600, and S&P1500 indices. Here’s an example for the S&P500 symbols and naming convention:

Level 1: Sector: eg SP500-45 for the Technology Index
Level 2: Industry group: eg SP500-4510 for Software & Services Index
Level 3: Industry: eg SP500-451030 for Software Index
Level 4: Sub-industry: eg SP500-45103010 for Application Software Index

Here’s a complete breakdown of the SP500-45 Technology sector:

If you have the Optuma Symbol Lists and US Indices data enabled on your account then the following GICs lists will be available, including all 4 levels for the S&P500, the S&P500 Equal Weighted Sectors, as well as the S&P Europe 350 Sectors and S&P Global 1200 Sectors.

Here’s an example of the S&P 500 Level 3 symbol list opened as a watchlist with performance columns added: