Import Pages from Workbook

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 4, 2020 05:30


The Import Workbook feature (available via the Files menu) and Import Page (right-click on a page tab) can be used to import all, or a selection of pages from an existing workbook into the workbook you currently have open.

To import pages from a workbook, open a new workbook (or start with no pages open to create a brand new workbook).

Go to the Files menu and select Import Workbook from the list, or right-click on a page tab in the open workbook:

In the window that opens, select the workbook you wish to import the pages from and click Open.

A new window will open where you can select the pages you want to import. By default all of the pages in the workbook will be selected.

If there are any pages you don’t wish to bring across untick them. Once you are happy with your selection click the Import button.

The new pages will be added to the end of your existing workbook and will retain all of the tools & indicators / settings the original source workbook had.