Reprocess On Property

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Nov 24, 2022 09:32


When a large number of indicators are applied to a real-time chart, a lot of your system’s resources go into updating each indicator any time a new data tick comes down. For fast moving markets this process can slow the response of Optuma down when changing pages, or modifying indicators.

In Optuma a property called Reprocess On has been added to indicators which allows you to set how often the indicator recalculates as new data comes in, thus saving system resources and improving speed.

In the following example, there are two identical Moving Averages (one red and one black). The black MA has been set to process on all ticks, and the red to only update once every 30 seconds.


You can see how the black line moves each time new data comes into the chart, however, the red line remains static until the 30-second update timer processes.

Setting the Property


  1. Open a chart which has an Intraday source (Bloomberg, IQfeed, Interactive Brokers, etc).
  2. Apply an indicator such as a Moving Average
  3. In the Moving Average properties, there will be an option called Reprocess On

By default, the property will be set to All Ticks. The available options will be:

  • All Ticks
  • Every 30 Seconds
  • Every 5 Minutes
  • Never

When set to Never, the tool will not update at all, except the first time the chart is opened.

Lowering the interval between the tools re-processing of new data can substantially lower the amount of resources a real-time chart(s) use in Optuma, and improve the speed page changes and other adjustments respond at.