Synodical Lines

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jul 17, 2020 00:54


The Synodical Lines tool is a variation of the Gann Planetary Lines indicator. The main differences that where the GPL uses a single planet’s longitude angle to convert to a price plot, the Synodical Lines use the angle separation between two planets to convert to a price plot.

This example shows 62° for the synodic angle between Venus (72.32°) conjunct Mars (10.31°).


To add the tool to your chart, select the tool from the Astro tool group, and left-click on the chart or indicator on which you wish to add the tool. Optuma will then draw the tool using the default settings.

Actions & Properties



Copy Data to Clipboard: Will copy the tool’s values to the clipboard which can then be inserted into a spreadsheet, for example, allowing for further analysis.

Add to Toolbar: Adds the selected tool to your custom toolbar.

Apply Settings to All: When multiple Synodical Lines tools have been applied to a chart, page or workbook, this action can be used to apply the settings of the one selected to other instances of the tool. This is a great time saver if an adjustment is made to the tool - such as line colour - as this allows all the other Synodical Lines tools in the chart, page or entire workbook to be updated instantly.

Copy Tool: Allows you to copy the selected tool, which can then be pasted onto a different chart window.

Move to Back: If the tool is displaying in front of other tools or indicators clicking this action will move the tool view to the background.

Move to Front: If the tool is displaying behind other tools or indicators on the chart, clicking this action will bring the tool to the forefront.

Restore Default Settings: Click this action if you have adjusted the default settings of the tool, and wish to return to the standard properties originally installed with Optuma.

Save Settings as Default: If you have adjusted any of the tool’s properties (colour, for example) you can save the adjustments as your new default setting. Each time you apply a new Synodical Lines to a chart, the tool will display using the new settings.

Delete: Deletes the tool from the chart.



Tool Name: Allows you to adjust the name of the tool, as it’s displayed in the Structure Panel.

Use Chart’s Price Unit: By default, the Price Unit for the Synodical Lines is calculated automatically. Ticking this check box will use the price unit of the chart in the tool calculation.

Price Unit Style: By default the Price Unit is automatically calculated, changing the setting to Defined allows the price unit to be manually set.

Price Unit: When the Price Unit Style is set to Defined you are then able to manually enter the desired price unit value.

Planetary Lines: Use this option to select the planets and Aspects (eg Conjunction, Opposition), Direction (Forward, Reverse, Both), Orb Size, and Line Style.


Geo / Helio / Sidereal: This setting allows you to change the Synodical Lines setting between GeoCentric, HelioCentric, and Sidereal.

GMT Offset: Use this option to adjust the Synodical Lines time zone setting for a specific market. Select the required GMT setting and the Synodical Lines will automatically update.
Coordinate Type: Select between Ecliptic (Longitude & Latitude) or Equatorial (Right Ascension & Declination).

Show Symbols:** This option will display the planet and aspect glyphs on the Synodical Lines.

Symbol Size: Allows you to change the size of the symbols.

Tool Transparency: Use this slider bar to adjust the transparency of the tool. Moving the slider to the left will increase the transparency of the tool.

Visible: Un-tick this checkbox to hide the tool from the chart.