Data Saving Mode

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 1, 2020 05:22


Bloomberg has several limits they place on the number of symbols that can bee accessed each day and per month. In some instances we’ve had reports of Bloomberg users encountering the monthly limit very quickly when using a lot of Alerts or Watchlists in Optuma.

To assist in limiting the number of symbol calls Optuma makes, the Data Saving mode exists in Optuma..

Important Note: When Data Saving Mode is enabled, Alerts setup to use Bloomberg symbols will only be checked once, after the initial startup process has completed.

Enabling Data Saving Mode

  1. Open Optuma
  2. Go to the Data menu
  3. Expand the Data Providers section
  4. Expand the Bloomberg section
  5. In the menu that displays, tick the Data Saving Mode checkbox.

  6. Restart Optuma to complete the process.