Why is My Security Software Detecting a Virus in a Optuma File?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 15, 2021 08:12

Occasionally we get reports from clients saying that a security scan has incorrectly detected a virus or trojan in an Optuma file, known as a false-positive.

By way of explanation, a program (or virus) has a fingerprint that virus detectors look for. In the end, that is simply a series of matching 1’s and 0’s that if they are in the same order, the detector thinks it must be a virus. The chances of a random data file matching the same pattern are very low, but it does happen very occasionally. It just so happens that the storage of open, high, low & close prices of a data file is in the same pattern as a known virus. If one of those numbers was just 0.00001 different, then it would not happen. This issue is compounded in that at any time with the movements of the markets a new data file may get the right combination that matches a virus.

The real risk with viruses is when you are receiving the files from an unknown source (either email or download from a suspected site). In our case, your copy of Optuma is set up only to get its updates and data from our servers so there is no chance of interference between our servers and your computer. It can be disconcerting when you see these alerts, however, we can assure you that no Optuma program file or data file will be delivered to you with a virus in it. The only way it could happen is if there is a virus already on your computer and, with good virus software installed, that cannot happen.

When you are dealing with a company that you trust, it is fully acceptable to exclude their program files and data from the virus checks. Most security software allows for exclusions in order to prevent false-positives interfering with the program. These are the folders that need to be excluded:

C:\Program Files\Optuma\
C:\Users\{your name}\Documents\Optuma\
if you’re unable to find the ProgramData folder listed above it may be because it’s been hidden by Windows. For information on viewing hidden folders please click here.

Click here for instructions for adding Optuma to most of the popular security programs.

Virus protection is critically important, but it can have unintended consequences. It is just as important to find the balance between the protection and the day-to-day use of your tools of trade.