Bitdefender Free Edition

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 22, 2020 11:07


This article will take you through the process of setting up Bitdefender Free Edition to exclude all Optuma program folders. This will ensure the antivirus program does not have any negative effects on Optuma while it is running, or accidentally quarantine Optuma data files.


  1. Double click on the Bitdefender desktop icon (or system tray icon).


  2. The following window should appear:


  3. Click the cog icon for Settings on the top right hand corner of the Bitdefender program window. In the menu that appears left click the Exclusions option.


  4. In the window that opens, select the Add Folder option, then click the Browse button. In the window that opens select an Optuma folder (listed below) and click OK. Click the Add button to setup the exclusion.


  5. Repeat Step 4 for all of the folders listed below:

    • Documents\Optuma
    • C:\Program Files\Optuma\
    • C:\ProgramData\Optuma\
    • C:\Users\[WindowsAccount]\AppData\Local\Optuma\

    Note: The folders ProgramData and AppData can be hidden by Windows. For information on how to bring them into view please refer to the following Microsoft Support article.

  6. Once all the Optuma folders have been added to the exclusions list, close the Bitdefender window down and restart Optuma.