Parallels 16 and 17 Updates Cause Display Issues in Optuma

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 17, 2021 17:30


After updating to Parallels 16 and 17 a number of visual issues are displayed when running Optuma. Some examples are:

  • Line thickness has no effect
  • Tips window does not appear
  • Candlestick charts have diagonal lines in their center.
  • The Date Scale (along the bottom of charts) is blank.

This is caused by the Parallels update not processing OpenGL graphics correctly.


The following process has been provided by Parallels support as a workaround for the issue.


BootImage - Copy

  1. Shut down Windows.
  2. Open virtual machine configuration:

Hardware > Boot Order > Advanced Settings

  1. Paste the following system flag:


  1. Start Windows and log in to Optuma, and the issues should be resolved.

If the issue remains after you have completed the above process please contact Parallels support directly for additional assistance.