Why are my automated backups taking so long to save?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: May 10, 2019 05:20

Optuma makes backups of your work during the login process [click here for more information], but this can cause delays if you have lots of files, and particularly if you use Chart Layouts.

Chart Layouts create a file for every chart that the layout is applied to, which can generate a significant number of files that are backed up. You can manually delete the layouts individually under the Settings > Layouts > Charts window within Optuma, but to delete multiple files that you no longer require navigate in Windows Explorer to the following location on your system:

You will then see a folder for each exchange, eg US, ASX etc which contains folders for each symbol that has been used with a Chart Layout. To delete old layouts no longer in use - and thus speed up the backup process - sort by the Date Modified column and delete the folders as required.


Once deleted, the layouts will still be able to be applied to charts but only the global tools calculated off the data (eg moving averages, volume, RSI) will be displayed. Any code-specific tools, such as trend lines or Fibonacci Retracements - will not be available. If required they will be restored from a previously saved backup.