Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 19, 2019 01:14

If you start the Optuma program by clicking on the Market Analyst 8 desktop icon then you are using the old 32bit version of the software, which is no longer in development. All the new tools and features that have been added since the end of 2016 are available in the 64bit version of Optuma only.

As the 64bit version is a completely different program the update will not be available by clicking on Check Updates under the Help menu, and will require a new installation.

Clients with an active subscription can install the new version of the software by logging in to your account page and save and run the Optuma 64bit setup file.

Here’s a video with detailed instructions:

We are now up to the 3rd version of Optuma. To see what’s been added in each release click the links below:

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Optuma 1.2 Update

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