Recently Used Workbooks List

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jun 15, 2022 16:00


When you open a workbook it is added to the Recently Used list, displayed on the left side of your Optuma Homepage (seen when you first login to Optuma).

You can click on the workbooks in this list for faster access.


Pinned Workbooks

The Recent Workbooks list includes the ability to pin a workbook to the top of the list.


Pinning a workbook will ensure it always remains at the top of the list, and never drops off the list if other workbooks are opened.

A pin icon will appear alongside a workbook that has been pinned to the top of the list.


To unpin a list, left click the Pin icon.

Removing Workbooks from the List

To remove the file from the list, mouse over the file name and click the small cross that appears in the top-right corner:


Deleting Workbooks from your computer

Note that removing the workbook from the list will not delete the workbook from your system (it will still be available to view via File > Open Workbook). However, if you wish to delete the workbook from your system completely click the trash can icon, and then confirm the deletion.


Number of Workbooks to Show

By default the Recent Workbooks list will display the last 5 workbooks you have opened, however you can adjust this value higher or lower using the settings icon, displayed on the top right corner of the Recent Workbooks list.


Left click the Settings icon and a property to set the number of workbooks will appear. You can use the slider bar to make the adjustment (moving the slider to the right will increase the number of workbooks displayed in the list).


The maximum setting is 30.