Exporting Pages

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jul 5, 2022 17:41


Exporting your page makes it easier to share a chart with other Optuma users. The export function allows you to give the exported workbook a new name, along with any Chart Layouts, Page Layouts or Watchlist Layouts as well as any Scripts that have been applied.

NOTE: To export an entire workbook see here.

To export a page you will need to first open the desired workbook, then right-click on the page tab that you wish to share, and under Actions select Export Page.

Export Page

The following window will appear where you can change the name if desired. Only the page you chose to export will be selected by default but you will have the option to add additional pages to be exported if desired. You can then nominate the location for the export by pressing the button.

Export Workbook

After you have nominated the export path, select Export to export a copy of the page in a new Workbook file.

Formula / custom codes which are part of the page will also be included when the file is exported.


If the system opening the workbook does not have these custom formula codes already they will be created automatically the first time the exported workbook is opened.