Watchlist - Custom Colours & Labels

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 31, 2022 13:37


Custom colours and labels can be set up to display on your watchlist script columns. Here’s a quick video example:

It’s also possible to change the label text based on your preferences. If you have a custom ranking system between 1 and 3, by default the Watchlist column will return one of those 3 values, however with custom labels you can set up more meaningful labels (and colours) to display in the Watchlist:

WL - Custom Colours 1

In the above example custom labels have been set up for the last column where:

  • 1 = Bearish
  • 2 = Hold
  • 3 = Bullish.

To set up custom labels, right click on the column header (it must be a script column) and expand the Custom Labels section.

WL - Custom Colours 2

Click on the + to setup the first label.

WL - Custom Colours 3

The conditions for the label can be set based on the following options:

  • > Greater Than
  • < Less Than
  • >= Greater Than or Equal To
  • <= Less Than or Equal To
  • == Equal To

In the event a value meets two condition labels, it will use which ever is highest in the list. You can change the order of a condition by the far right drag / drop icon.

WL - Custom Colours 4

You can also select a colour for the label to display in.

With the label there are a few options. You can enter in a plain text label, display the underlying original value (so you’re just adding a colour rule), or you can do both.

To show the underlying value ensure the Label field includes [Value].

WL - Custom Colours 5

The [Value] label will take into account any formatting made to the column (for example if the column was changed to a percentage).