VMWare Fusion - Distorted Bars when thickness greater than 1

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 4, 2020 09:49


If using Optuma on a Mac with VMWare Fusion, the bars can become distorted if adjusting their thickness in properties to a value greater than one.


We have had some reports from clients using VMWare that the latest update to Fusion has caused bars in Optuma to display incorrectly when the thickness is increased beyond a setting of 1.

A work around is available for this issue by disabling the 3D Acceleration option in Fusions settings.

Under Setting -> Graphics, uncheck “Accelerate 3D Graphics.” Also, RAM setting has to be at least 4096MB.

This should resolve the display issue, however please note there have been reports that overall performance slowed a little with this option unticked.

Hopefully VMWare fix the issue with Fusion in the next update. In the meantime one option you may want to consider is Paperspace.

www.PaperSpace.com provide virtual Windows PCs in the cloud where you can install programs - including Optuma - and then be able to access it from any browser (even an iPad). We don’t “officially” support it yet, but initial trials and feedback from clients is positive, so it may be worth looking into: