Norton Antivirus

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 23, 2017 23:51

Setting up Norton AntiVirus with Optuma

This article will take you through the process of setting up Nortons to allow Optuma full access to the Internet. This should prevent any problems downloading End of Day data, or installing updates to Optuma.


  1. Open your version of Norton Antivirus software.

  2. Select Settings from the horizontal menu in your window.

    Norton Antivirus

  3. Select the Configure button opposite the Items to Exclude from Scans.

    Norton Antivirus

  4. A Scan Exclusions window will open, select Add.

    Norton Antivirus

  5. A small Add Item window will open; this window allows you to navigate to the folder you wish to exclude from antivirus scans.

  6. Tick the Include Subfolders checkbox, and then select the small button with 3 dots.

    Norton Antivirus

  7. The Browse for Files or Folders window will open. From here you will need to navigate to the Optuma directories.

    Norton Antivirus

  8. Once you have selected the folder you wish to exclude select OK.

    Norton Antivirus

  9. The Scan Exclusions list will update to show the directory you have just selected (each directory will need to be added individually).

    Norton Antivirus

    You will need to repeat the above process for the following Optuma folders:

    Note: If you are an existing client and have used Market Analyst, you will use the ProgramData\Market Analyst file below. If you are a new client and haven’t used Market Analyst, then you will use the ProgramData\Optuma file below.

    C:\ProgramData\Market Analyst\ C:\ProgramData\Optuma

    Note: The first program files listed are for the 32-bit version of Optuma, the second files listed are for the 64-bit version of Optuma.

    C:\Program Files\Market Analyst 8\

    C:\Program Files\Optuma

    C:\Users\[Account Name]\AppData\Local\Market Analyst 8\

    C:\Users\[Account Name]\AppData\Local\Optuma\My Documents\Market Analyst 8 \Documents\Optuma

    Note: Some of the folders listed above can be hidden by Windows. For information on displaying these folders, please click here.

  10. Once all folders have been added click Apply and OK. This should prevent Nortons from causing any problems with Optuma.