Indian Workbooks

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jun 21, 2023 15:30

Below, you will find sample ASX Workbooks put together by Optuma’s team of experts. If you need help downloading a workbook, please refer to this article: Opening Workbooks

Workbook Description Requirements Download
Indian NIFTY Examples.owb View a multitude of ways that you can use Optuma for comprehensive top-down analysis of the NSE Indices. From examining the performance of the overall indices, to the individual members, this workbook has it all. Requires Trader Services, NSE Equities, Indices (Global), Breadth Data
Indian NIFTY RRG Pro Examples.owb See how to take advantage of the power of Relative Rotation Graphs in Optuma. Requires Professional Services **, NSE Equities, Indices (Global)
NSE NIFTY Breadth Data.owb Includes 50+ market breadth measures for major indices, including Advance Decline Lines, % Above Moving Averages, and % New Highs/Lows. Requires Trader Services and Breadth Data.
GoNoGo Trend - NIFTY.owb Contains a watchlist of main index members sorted by new GoNoGo trend signals. Trader Services, NSE Equities
GoNoGo Module - NIFTY.owb Contains watchlists of main index members with signals for new GoNoGo trends, GoNoGo icons, and Squeeze. Trader Services, NSE Equities, and the GoNoGo tool module
NIFTY - Anchored VWAPs.owb Contains examples of automatic Anchored VWAP levels from highs and lows, and scans for AVWAP crosses and pinches. Trader Services, NSE Equities