Linking and Unlinking Layers

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: May 19, 2020 21:40


Sometimes when dragging tools and indicators around the chart they can become unlinked from the other layers. This can cause the tool to either disappear, or appear incorrectly as they are using a different price scale. To make sure the layers are anchored to the same price scale open the Structure Panel on the right of the chart (the arrow halfway up the price scale) and click the broken chain icon as shown in the image below:

Structure Panel

Indicators on indicators

It’s possible to drag indicators over the top of other indicators, and if they use the same scale eg an RSI(5) and an RSI(14) then click the chain icon in the Structure Panel to ensure that they are both using the same scale:

If they use different scales eg RSI and CCI then leave the layers unlinked.

To learn more about Layers and the Structure Panel see here.