Depth on Price Scale

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Mar 18, 2017 02:15


In Optuma not only do we have standard displays for Market Depth, but we also have designed Market Depth to be displayed in the Price Scale of a chart. By default, any chart containing active Market Depth data will display the Market Depth information in the price scale.

Please note that Market Depth Level II data must be available from the live data provider in order for the depth to display on the price scale.

Blue bars indicate the bid prices while red bars indicate the asking price. The size of the bar is relative to the total volume demand on each price level.

To see the detail of the pending orders, you simply hover the mouse over one of the depth bars to display the Market Detail of the selected price point as pictured above.

Disabling Market Depth

As mentioned the Market Depth is displayed by default when receiving a compatible live data feed.

If you do not want to have the depth displayed this can be disabled by going to the Settings menu, selecting Workspace and then Charts. You can then deselect the check box next to Show Market Depth on Price Scale.