Data no longer displays when I hover my mouse over a bar

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jul 1, 2021 14:02

Tool Tips No Longer Displays

By default, Optuma will display an information window when you hover your mouse over a bar or tool in your chart.

Below is an example of what displays when you hover your mouse over a bar or candle.

Tooltips 1

If this information window is not displaying, then please make sure that you have the Tool Tips enabled.

You can enable (and disable) the Tool Tips by left-clicking the Spanner/Wrench icon in the Action Bar (far-left of Optuma screen) as pictured below:


Important Note: From Optuma 2.0 and later the tips can not be turned off by left clicking the Spanner icon in the Action Bar. Instead, right click the Spanner icon and untick the Show Tips checkbox.


It’s also possible to toggle on and off using the keyboard shortcut ALT+T.