Market Analyst 4 & 6 FAQ

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 1, 2022 14:30


As per Mathew Verdouw’s announcement regarding Market Analyst 4 and Market Analyst 6, we have listed below some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the situation, and the transition to updated versions of the program.

If you need a recap on Mathew’s video you can view it below.

Q. I don’t recall encountering any problems a few weeks ago, what happened?
A. Several weeks ago there was a problem some MA4 and MA6 users were encountering after we added additional data exchanges to our server. The data index files in MA4 and MA6 became larger than the program could handle, preventing any logins. While we were able to bypass that issue temporarily, there may come a time where that bypass will no longer work as more and more new exchanges are added to the Optuma service.

Q. Will the program stop working immediately from early 2018?
A. We will continue to offer what support we can for these older programs going forward. We will not be “flicking” a switch to prevent existing copies from logging in, however after an internal review of the issue, we have found there is a chance that the server patch we implemented to bypass the original issue will cease working as more data exchanges are added (planned for Q1 of 2018). When this happens, the login process will no longer work for either MA4 or MA6 and we won’t be able to use the same workaround as before.

Q. Can I use the older programs with another data source?
A. The permissions file used to enable access to the program(s) includes data information even if you are no subscribed, so the login issue will occur regardless of whether you use Optuma EOD data or not.

Q. I don’t know anything about Optuma 64bit, where can I learn more about it?
A. There are several resources we recommend:

  • Optuma 101 - Free Getting Started Course
  • Optuma Videos
  • What’s New in Optuma 64bit

    Q. I am not sure my system can run Optuma 64bit?
    A. You can download and run a system test for Optuma 64bit here.

    Q. I do not have a 64bit Operating System, which version can i run?
    A. If you only have a 32bit version of Windows, you will need to run Optuma 32bit (formerly Market Analyst 8). You can access the setup file for this version via your user-portal download page.

    Q. Will my current workbooks be converted to the new Optuma 64bit version?
    A: This is one of our biggest regrets, but unfortunately there is no automatic conversion process from earlier editions. As such, you will need to recreate your work, but hopefully the process will be made easier using the new Page and Chart Layout features as Mathew documented in the video.

    Q. Is there any reason to update now rather than wait for the system to stop working?
    A. Optuma 64bit does not replace Market Analyst 6, so you can install it and begin the transition process in your own time, rather than having to do it at the last minute. This also gives you time to setup your workbooks, scans, alerts etc in the new version of the program.