Watchlist - Buttons

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 24, 2020 02:49


For an overview on Watchlists, please click here.

Watchlist Buttons

Above the Watchlist columns are a series of buttons, as per the below image. Each button performs a unique function, which are detailed below.

WL - Button 1

Cycle Rows

The Cycles button allows you to automatically cycle through the rows contained within the Watchlist.

WL - Button 2

As the rows cycle, charts linked to the watchlist will also update.

You can adjust the interval of the cycle by right clicking the new button and adjusting the value displayed.

WL - Button 3

Open List As

The Open List As button allows you to open different chart styles for the codes listed in the watchlist, e.g. RRG.

WL - Button 4

Group Diamond

The Group Diamond setting icon appears in the Watchlist and also on charts opened from the Watchlist. Page grouping allows you to setup a combination of multiple Watchlists and charts which are sorted and linked into different groups.

WL - Button 5

For example, if you have two tiled charts alongside the Watchlist, ordinarily both charts will update to the security of the selected row. However, if one of the charts is set to a different group, e.g. an index such as XJO, only the chart that has the same coloured diamond as the Watchlist will update. The Index will remain the same.

Pin Chart

All charts in Optuma include the Pin Chart icon. When a chart or Watchlist has been pinned to the page, it will always display over the top of any other (unpinned) chart.

WL - Button 6

Adjusting the tiling orientation will also have no effect on the size or position of a pinned chart, so it is a great way to protect your preferred page layout when wanting to make modifications (such as adding an additional chart).


The information icon displays on all charts. When enabled, help information bubbles will be displayed for all major features.

WL - Button 7

As you roll your mouse over an i icon, information on that feature will be displayed.

WL - Button 8

Before normal operation of Optuma can return, you will need to close the Information feature.

WL - Button 9

Windows Maximise / Restore

This is a standard Windows feature. Clicking the Maximise button will enlarge the Watchlist, making it fill the entire page. Clicking the same button will then restore the Watchlist to normal size.

WL - Button 10

Close Watchlist

Clicking the x icon will close the Watchlist.

WL - Button 11