Optuma Text is Very Small

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Mar 9, 2020 15:41


For high resolution displays running on Windows 10 the font size of Optuma text in menus / panels / scales, etc can be very small and hard to read. Additionally some screens (such as the Optuma Login screen displayed on startup) can be very small in comparison to the total display space available.


Rather than adjusting the display settings for all of Windows, or adjusting the screens resolution it is possible to modify the display setup of the Optuma application window only.

To do this close Optuma and right click on the Optuma Desktop shortcut.

In the menu that appears left click the Properties option.

In the window that opens left click the Compatibility tab.

Locate the option called Override High DPI scaling behavior and tick the checkbox. When you do a drop-down window will appear.

Select System (Enhanced) from the list of available options.

Click Apply and OK to close back to the Desktop.

When you re-open Optuma the program windows and text font size should appear much larger, without having an effect on the rest of your applications.