Publishing a Workbook to PDF

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 2, 2020 04:06


With the Workbook Publisher open, ensure the PDF checkbox is ticked.

Enter a Title, Description, and Author into the available fields.

If there are pages you wish to exclude from the PDF, un-tick the codes in the Select All Pages section.

Click the Publish button. In the window that opens type in a name to save the PDF file as, and adjust the location if you wish. By default, the PDF file will be saved in My Documents > Optuma > Printed Files.

Click the Save button and the PDF file will be created (and will open automatically) using your default PDF viewer.

Using a Grid?

If you are using a Grid with the charts you are publishing, the PDFs generated by Optuma have been optimised to display in Adobe Acrobat so that even small minor lines are displayed and printed correctly. If you would like to adjust the grid lines being used, you can access the properties by right-clicking on the Grid icon, located on the far-left side of Optuma.