Optuma Installation Issue - Compression Error

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 4, 2020 09:28


When attempting to install Optuma via the setup file, during the process a Compression error is encountered (compression error #2026).

This is generally caused when a system is locked down and the Windows account doesn’t have read / write access to all the folders Optuma needs to use.


A compression error can appear when Optuma is unable to save files to a particular folder on your system. This can happen when your Windows setup has locked down access to various folders.

The first thing to try if encountering this error is to run the setup file in Admin mode. To do this, right click the Setup file and select Run as Administrator.

If this does not resolve the issue you can either check your Windows account settings and make sure you have full access to your systems folders, or you can install a special version of Optuma that places all files into a single folder that does not have access limitations.

To do this download the program via the following link:


Extract the contents of the attached folder to C:\Optuma\

Go into the folder and create a shortcut to the Optuma.exe file and place it on your Desktop. Once done close to the Desktop, right click the Optuma Shortcut and select Run as Administrator.

This should bypass the compression error and allow you to login to Optuma.