How do I cite Optuma in my reports?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 16, 2022 11:18

If you are creating publications or reports derived from Optuma, we require you to include the Optuma logo in your publications. All Optuma charts created from Optuma will have the Optuma logo included and no other attribution is necessary. If your publication is created in another way, you must cite that the content was generated from Optuma.

When you are using Optuma data in your reports, we request that you include the following in your report:

Note: We have left the image at full size and resolution, but please shrink it down accordingly to fit your report.

Please ensure that the image is hyperlinked to our website:

If you are unable to include an image, then you can use the following:

As with the image, please ensure that the is hyperlinked to our website:

You can also find an example of how to include this in your report in the Excel spreadsheet attached to this page.