The Dates On My Charts Dates Are In US Format: How Can I Change Them?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: May 10, 2017 03:40


Some clients running Optuma on Windows 7, 8 or 10 have reported Optuma displaying the dates in US format (mm/dd/yyyy) instead of in their local format. As the date format is purely driven by your operating system there are no adjustments that can be made through Optuma to resolve this issue. You will need to make the adjustment via your system’s Control Panel.


  1. Close Optuma.

  2. Open your system’s Control Panel.

  3. Click on the Clock, Language and Region category.

  4. Under Region and Language, click on Change the date, time, or number format.

  5. Under the Formats tab, click Additional Settings.

  6. Click the Reset button, then click OK.

Restart Optuma and the dates should now be in the correct format. If not, please start a live chat or submit a support ticket for additional assistance.