Send To Word - Advanced Options

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 5, 2020 00:14


With the Enterprise Services enabled you are able to send a list of codes / charts directly to an existing Word document (or to a new Word document if nothing is currently open).

If you have the full version of Microsoft Word installed on your system then you will be able to use the Send To Word action.

The Send To Word action can be accessed from the Actions menu by left-clicking on the page background or via right-clicking on the chart’s background as per the screen shot below.

It is possible to select which open Word document to send the chart to, or you can elect to create a completely new document.

Selecting the Send to Word action will automatically paste the chart into Microsoft Word.

Send to Word - Update Charts

Charts which have been sent to, and saved in a Word document from Optuma, can be updated with newly downloaded data when opened at a later date. To do this, open the Word document created by Optuma and left-click once on the chart image.

The Microsoft Word Ribbon along the top of the window will update to show a new Optuma section containing the option Update Charts.


Send to Excel

Watchlists have a unique feature for Professional Services clients; the ability to send the information directly to Microsoft Excel.

To send a Watchlist to Excel, left-click once on the Watchlist to select it and go to the Actions section on the left-hand side panel.

Expand the Send To section and select Excel in the list displayed.


All the codes contained within the selected Watchlist will open in an Excel spreadsheet.


If the source of the Watchlist is real-time data, the values in Excel will update automatically as new data streams into Optuma. Please note however this connection is only active while Optuma is open during the same session (i.e. If you restart Optuma the data will no longer update in Excel).