Importing 3rd Party CSI Data

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Mar 8, 2017 02:24


This article will cover the process of importing of 3rd party CSI files into Optuma.


  1. Open Optuma and left-click on the Data menu.

  2. In the menu displayed, left-click the Import Local Data option to open this window:

  3. By default, the C:\ drive will be selected. This will search all sub-folders for compatible data. If you would prefer to select a specific folder you can left-click the Change button.

  4. Select the time frame the data is stored in, EOD or Intraday.

  5. Set the format of the Data files to CSI.

  6. Enter a name and short name you would like the Exchange to display as in the Data File Manager.

  7. Click the Import button.

  8. Optuma will scan your system for compatible data. Once completed your data will be ready to access.

Removing Imported Data

  1. To remove an imported exchange right-click on the name in the Security Selection window and left-click on Remove Custom Exchange: