Bloomberg Troubleshooting: DLLs and API files

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Nov 9, 2017 07:30


If you are unable to connect to the Bloomberg datafeed after configuring it may be that Windows UAC or security software prevented the required DLL file to be registered, or that you are missing critical API files.

Running Optuma in Admin Mode

Optuma includes some of the files needed to connect to the Bloomberg Terminal. To ensure these files have been registered try running Optuma in Admin Mode.

  1. Close Optuma

  2. Locate the Optuma icon on the Desktop

Bloomberg Troubleshooting DLLs & API files 1

  1. Right-click the icon and in the menu displayed, select Run as Administrator.

Bloomberg Troubleshooting DLLs & API files 2

  1. Optuma will open, and if the Bloomberg files have been successfully registered the Data menu will display green text.

Bloomberg Troubleshooting DLLs & API files 3

Windows Path

In some instances when Bloomberg is installed, it is supposed to register its directory in the Windows “Path”. This tells all Windows applications that they can search that directory for files. When Optuma opens the connection to Bloomberg, it relies on the directory being set in the path.

In rare cases the path value is not set, however, this can easily be set later manually.

  1. Go to the Control Panel in Windows.

  2. Search for Environment Variables - You will want to click on Edit Environment Variables for your account


  1. Click on PATH and click Edit


  1. Click on New and type in the path to the the Bloomberg directory. By default, it is C:\blp\DAPI (without quotes). If your Bloomberg was installed in a different location, you will have to reference the DAPI sub-directory for your location.

  2. Click OK then OK to save. You should be able to start Optuma and it will be able to communicate with Bloomberg.

“Error: Cannot Open Service”

If you receive the above error when trying configure the connection of Optuma with the Bloomberg Terminal, you will need to re-install the Terminal in Administration mode.