Crash on Using Tools or Charts with Intel Video Cards

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Mar 26, 2021 07:11


When a client opens a chart and tries to apply a tool, or, hovers over a scan result to see a chart preview the program locks up or the screen goes black.


Outdated Drivers (usually Intel) or there are some advanced display features their card can’t handle that needs to be disabled.


The first step is to check their drivers and if they are old advise them to update.

If no update is available or the update doesn’t fix it, ask for a copy of their Optuma.ini file (located in the Common folder). Once you have it, add the following to the file:

Multisample = 0

This should be added under this section:

NOTE: OsTicket has a quirk where if the file is the same name and size it uses the original, even if it’s been edited. Once you make the change zip it up to send it back to make sure they receive the file with the changes.