External Data Fields - Importing from Excel or .csv Files

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 23, 2020 03:32


Professional and Enterprise Services clients can import data as External Data Fields (EDFs) from Excel or .csv files. These can display text, date, or numerical data, such as internal ratings, price targets or transaction prices/dates. Note that the column headings will be the names of the data fields imported in to Optuma, and must contain a column labelled ‘Code’ with the symbols listed underneath:


Adding an External Data Field

To add an EDF to Optuma:

  1. Click on the Data menu

  2. Left click External Data Fields

    External Data Fields - Importing from Bloomberg 2

  3. In the window that opens click New and select Excel or CSV file

  4. Navigate to the file on your computer that contains the data.

    Note: The file has to contain a column called Code containing the code or ticker of the company that the data refers to. This is so your data field can be matched with the code symbols in our database.

  5. Left-click on the file you wish to add, and then click the Import button to load the file.

    The EDFs will be added to the list of available items which can be used in scripting in a number of areas throughout Optuma.

    EDFs 3

EDFs in Watchlists

Click here for more information on Watchlists.

Custom columns can be added to Watchlists allowing you to create a “radar screen” of technical and fundamental data. Click on the + icon to add a column, and your imported fields will be listed under the External Data Field section:

EDFs 4

EDFs in Scripting

For more information on scripting, click here.

EDFs can be used in a number of different scripts, which are available in scans, alerts, and scripting tools (such as Show View, Show Bar, Show Plot, etc) by using the DATAFIELD() function. This script can be used in a Scan to find all equities that have a Rating of 3 and above.


EDFs 5

EDFs in Chart Headers

Chart Headers can be set up to display EDF fields while in Edit mode by right-clicking in the header and selecting Add Field:

External Data Fields - Importing from Bloomberg 7