How can I add more space to the left of the first bar on a chart?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 15, 2022 22:01

For recent IPO listings that have limited history you may want to have space to the left of the first bar to write notes or make it consistent with other charts. To do this, click on the chart’s background and change the Time on Screen property from Custom to 2 Years, for example:


This will then show the last two years on the date scale, and if the stock has only been trading for the last few weeks or months a blank space will be added before the first bar, as in the example below. (Note: you can adjust the chart position by clicking and dragging the edge of the History Slider.)


If there is more than 10 years of data in the chart, scroll the mousewheel back so that all the data is shown on the screen. Right-click on the chart and under the Properties set the Time on Screen to Locked, and increase the Bars on Screen value to show more bars to the left, eg a chart with 2500 bars add 500 to show about 2 years (on a daily chart) before the first bar.

Here’s META set to 3200 locked bars to show a gap before the first bar and 100 Blank Bars to the right of the last bar: