Planetary Difference - PDIFF()

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 13, 2021 19:55


Clients with the Astro module can use the PDIFF() function to calculate the difference between two selected planets for a number or measures, such as longitude, latitude, declination, etc.

The value will oscillate between 0 (Conjunction) and 180 (Opposition), as per this example in a Show View tool showing the (geocentric) difference between Mars and Jupiter:

PDIFF(PLANET1=[Mars], PLANET2=[Jupiter])


Script Function Properties


Planet 1: Allows you to select the 1st Planet/planetary body.

Planet 2: Allows you to select the 2nd Planet/planetary body.

Value: Allows you to select which Planetary value is being referenced. Longitude is selected by default. Additional options include Latitude, Longitude Speed, Latitude Speed, Right Ascension, Declination, RA Speed, Declination Speed, Distance and Distance Speed.

Angle Output: Allows you to select between Degrees and Radians

GMT Offset: Use this option to adjust the time zone setting for a specific market.

Geo / Helio / Sidereal: This setting allows you to change the base Ephemeris being used between GeoCentric, HelioCentric, and Sidereal.

Coordinate System: Select between Ecliptic (Longitude & Latitude) or Equatorial (Right Ascension & Declination).

Script Example

To show when Venus is square Mars on a heliocentric basis use the following in a Show Bar:

PDIFF(PLANET1=[Venus], PLANET2=[Mars], GEO=HelioCentric) Crosses 90