Login issues - allowing access to Optuma IP addresses and servers

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 18, 2023 13:00

Sometimes security software or corporate firewalls prevent Optuma from working as expected, such as preventing access during the login process, or failing to download chart data.

If you are working in a home office environment please ensure your security software (eg Nortons, AVG, McAfee) allows Optuma full access to the internet.

If you are working in a corporate environment where internet access is restricted by a firewall provide the following information to your IT department to make sure no interruptions are experienced when accessing Optuma.

Optuma uses secure TCP communications (port 443) to interact with Optuma servers. These servers are for authentication, data delivery, and publishing. There are multiple servers located around the world for maximum redundancy.

Optuma requires that your network allows access to:

Ports 80 and 443 to the following FQDNs and IPs

  • ds.optuma.com
  • ds1.optuma.com
  • mas.optuma.com
  • mas1.optuma.com
  • mas2.optuma.com
  • mas3.optuma.com
  • publish.optuma.com

Data Services

  • data.optuma.com
  • data1.optuma.com
  • data2.optuma.com
  • cdn.data.optuma.com
  • optuma-data.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com
  • fdata.optuma.com
  • mdb-syd.optuma.com
  • mdb-ny.optuma.com

Optuma Chat

If you have Enterprise Services and wish to use the Optuma Chat function please also open Port 5222 to maim.market-analyst.com

Optuma Folders

C:\Program Files\Optuma
C:\Users\[Account Name]\AppData\Local\Optuma
C:\Users\[Account Name]\Documents\Optuma