Using Optuma with Cloud Drives

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At its simplest, the ‘cloud’ is a term used to describe internet-based services, with online file storage being one of the most popular. By using such a service it is possible to keep backups of all of your personal Optuma files (such as workbooks, settings, custom toolbar, chart and page layouts, and script formulas) in the cloud, thus making them safe if your hard drive fails. If a failure should happen, then the program and historical end-of-day data can always be restored by reinstalling from your account page, with your work being restored from the cloud.

If you use Optuma on multiple computers then it is also possible to share Optuma files between them (not just the backups), so that if you make changes on one PC they will be automatically available on the other, without the need to transfer files.

To run Optuma completely on the cloud using a virtual PC – allowing you to access your work from any computer – click here.

Creating an online storage account


There are a number of providers in the online file storage market, nearly all of whom offer at least 2GB of free space (unless you have enormous workbooks, this amount will be sufficient for your Optuma files). Windows 10 now comes with Microsoft’s OneDrive already installed, but other options are available, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

NOTE: some clients have reported that their Optuma work was missing following a Windows update, caused by files being moved to OneDrive. Restore your work by linking Optuma to the new OneDrive location as per the video instructions here.

Changing your Optuma Backup Location to the Cloud


By default, Optuma makes a backup of all your files (including workbooks, scans, layouts and scripting formulas) and saves them to your PC. However, if your PC fails then you are in danger of losing all your work if you haven’t make a backup of your PC. As such, once you have set up your cloud drive on your computer you can use that as the backup location, meaning that should your computer fail then you will be easily able to restore your files from the cloud location.

In this example, an Optuma folder was created in Google Drive, which is where the last 10 daily backups will be saved. In Optuma, click on the Settings menu and select Backup Settings to change the location to this Google Drive location.


Sharing Optuma files between computers


If you use Optuma on multiple computers you can change the File Location Settings on both computers to the same cloud location so that they are shared and synced automatically.

1. Create a folder in the online drive called Optuma.

2. Log in to the Optuma program on Computer 1.

3. Click on the Settings menu and select File Location Settings.

4. Click on the three dots under Optuma Documents and navigate to the Optuma folder created in Step 1. Once the folder has been selected you will be prompted to copy your existing files to the new location. Click yes to copy everything (the files will still exist in the default location, but will no longer be updated). This is the only location that needs to be changed to share your work.

File Location Definitions

Optuma Documents: The document files are unique to each client, and include workbooks, custom tool settings, scanning and signal testing files, layouts, alerts, remembered logins, and script formulas.

Data Directory: The location of the raw end-of-day and intraday data files used to create charts. You can move this to another location on your system eg. your D: drive, but due to size DO NOT move it to the cloud.

Config Directory: Where important software configuration files are stored. DO NOT move to the cloud.

Publish Location: Where Optuma automatically saves your printed files.

Save Locations: Where you can choose to save just your workbook files, and also set a secondary location to share with other users without giving access to all your workbooks. Click File > Save Workbook As in the program to save a workbook in this shared location. You can then share this folder with colleagues.

6. Click Apply to complete the process. Optuma will now save and retrieve all of your work and personal settings via the cloud.

Once your second PC has been linked to same cloud drive you should see the Optuma folder and files that was created on the first computer. Here’s an example for OneDrive, with the workbook files saved in the OneDrive/Optuma/Local/Workbooks folder (the green Status ticks confirm that the files have been saved to the cloud.

Log in to Optuma on Computer 2 and start from step 3 above, but when you are prompted to move files in Step 4 select no, unless you want the files replaced with those from Computer 2.

Now both computers will be using the same Optuma files, so any work carried out on Computer 1 will be available on Computer 2, and vice versa.


A note about support


Linking to the cloud should be fairly straight-forward, but because every client can have a different computer setup we are unable to help with any syncing or cloud-based issues as part of our support services. However, we can arrange a paid Technology Consultation session in an attempt to diagnose and fix any issues that may arise.

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